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Fresh Start

In the flower farming world, spring is the beginning of the year. Winter is spent making plans and setting intentions for the growing season to come. And then suddenly, everything starts sprouting and the race begins! When spring arrives at last, feeling the warmth of the sun and seeing new growth brings on a sense of euphoria.

Many flower-lovers will tell you, they can't pick a favorite -- it depends on what's blooming at the time. But that heightened appreciation after the long New England winter definitely makes spring flowers extra special. Just like us, the bulbs do a bit of hibernating and storing up their energy until it's time to stretch, grow, and open up to colorfully embrace the new season.

Peachy-Pink Double Daffodil

The daffodils (narcissus) here in Berwick are just beginning to poke through the soil. I'm hoping they will be in full bloom for Mother's Day. Because our moms deserve something this beautiful!

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