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Leaf Pattern Design

Flower Care

Flowers are a natural product with specific needs. Check out the advice below to get the most from your flowers.

When you are done enjoying them, please know our floral designs are safely compostable and biodegradable, without floral foam or painted, dyed, or bleached flowers.

Our Flowers Are Different

You may notice that some of our flowers have a different look and feel. We prioritize sourcing locally as much as possible. This allows us to use some unique ingredients that do not ship well for the global flower trade. We also find delight in the occasional crooked stem or nibbled leaf of a field-grown flower in season. Natural beauty is prioritized over artificial perfection.


 Our flowers are natural, and we're human.

If for any reason they aren't living up to their potential, please let us know.

These things happen, and we're happy to make it right. 

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