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Local Flowers

Kristen Dolloff

Grower & Designer

We believe diversity is essential, in nature and in life.

We aim to ensure that all are well-served regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or identity.

Everyone we work with should feel valued and respected. Flowers are for everyone!

Locally-grown flowers are a purchase you can truly feel good about,-- beyond superficial beauty to environmental and social impact.


Fresh and high quality, our farm-direct flowers rarely spend time inside a box or airplane. There are many unique varieties selected for their delicate beauty, rather than ability to be shipped. Your money stays in the local community, including a larger portion to the people growing the flowers. The growers are able to do work that is meaningful to them.

The Humble Bee gardens and other small farms that supply your flowers are managed with care for the local ecosystem, including our valuable pollinators. Outside of our outdoor growing season, we use preserved flowers or source from local greenhouses or wholesalers that provide Certified American Grown flowers.

Humble Bee is focused on sustainability in all aspects. This includes composting, reusing, recycling, and avoiding the use of materials that can't be responsibly disposed of, such as floral foam. Let's leave the world a more beautiful place!

Kristen divided her time as a child between her family’s dairy farms, exploring the woods, drawing, and having her nose in a book. Those interests in farming, nature, art, creativity, and learning followed her into adulthood, and in flowers she has found a way to combine them. 

After earning a degree in Art at Mount Holyoke College, Kristen spent  years working a "desk job." In the search for a career that she would love, she found the answer right in the backyard. Growing and designing with cut flowers allows her to indulge her creative side and work in sync with nature and the seasons. 


Kristen worked for flower farms and a retail florist to gain experience in commercial scale horticulture and floristry. Seeing the reliance on imported flowers, but also an increase in local growers, she has shaped her business model to offer something different. She continues to grow and hone her skills and knowledge as a Lifetime Member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

As a "farmer-florist" and part of the Slow Flowers movement, she grows and designs with almost exclusively local, seasonal flowers, herbs and foliage. Working from her studio in Berwick, Maine, she offers the community the chance to choose locally-grown when ordering floral designs for the home, the office, gifting, or event decor. Kristen sources floral and botanical material from her home gardens and other nearby growers for elegant and organically inspired arrangements rooted in seasonality.

PRIVACY POLICY: We never share your personal information. It is collected only for the purposes of fulfilling your order. All transactions are processed securely by reputable providers including Wix and PayPal.

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