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Wedding spotlight: Courtney & Ryan, September 2019, The Red Barn at Outlook Farm

As an artist, one of the greatest pleasures was to see my work hanging in someone's home, visibly a part of their life. That feeling extends to my floral work as well. And while placing pieces throughout the venue before the event begins is lovely, like putting the frosting on the cake, there's real joy in seeing the pieces in action, surrounded by celebration. Often as the florist, you are limited to catching a glimpse through photos a few months later.

The highlight reel below, captured by VMG Productions, shows it beautifully. I loved watching this video. First of all, the couple is so sweet (potential teary eyes warning). But of course, I was checking out the flowers! The handheld pieces (constructed late at night to ensure freshness) hung so nicely over the bridal party's arms, that dramatic bouquet shimmering down the aisle, and the sweetheart table looking gorgeous while the couple is toasted by friends and family.

Courtney and Ryan chose a beautiful palette and wisely allocated their floral plan to accent the Red Barn. With flexibility on the type of flowers to be included, we were able to source 100% locally-grown from Maine flower farms. We installed fabric and floral arrangements to frame the ceremony site, while the reception included an elegant mix of candles and fresh, Maine-grown eucalyptus, with one more showy arrangement for the sweetheart table..

It's an honor to do this work for wonderful people celebrating momentous occasions. If you are looking for unique, seasonal, ecologically-conscious floral design for your event, I still have some available dates for 2020.


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