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Frost and holiday preparations

Outdoor growing has nearly come to an end for 2018. A few hardy plants push on, but for most, the combination of cold temperatures and short days mean the end of the season.

Fresh flowers are still available from greenhouse growers in Maine and New Hampshire and will be on offer for a limited number of Thanksgiving holiday arrangements and centerpieces. Order what's right for your setting and budget: a trio of bud vases and mini pumpkins, mason jar arrangements nestled inside a pumpkin, or a lush arrangement in a special keepsake vessel.

Dried everlasting flowers are also available and can help you get a head start on decorating as they will last through the entire season. These can be fashioned into vase arrangements, as well as wreaths and garlands perfect for pairing with candles and gourds. Order now, beat the holiday rush, and enjoy your flowers even longer.

Looking for a full tablescape? I'll have decorative elements sourced from local farms along with beeswax candles made in Kittery, Maine at Seapoint Chandlers.

And don't forget to source your local turkey, potatoes, squash, onions and more... Seacoast Eat Local is a great resource, and there are often farmers' markets in the area the weekend before the holiday.

Enjoy the season!

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