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Winter and Holidays in 2020

Do you remember in March and April of this year when, referring to COVID-19, we would say to each other, "when this is all over..."? Now, here we are, in November facing painful and difficult choices about the fall and winter holidays as the pandemic rages. As an immunocompromised person myself, it's quite stressful. But I feel very lucky that my work with flowers and plants lends itself to social distancing and working from home. And connecting people with flowers in this emotionally draining time is so rewarding.

Humble Bee Flowers is all about thinking outside the box and doing things differently. Now, in the time of a pandemic, it's a particularly useful skill to have. If you can't do things the way you've always done, how can you reimagine them? Can you see the benefits or positive results of a new way? Can you glean insights from history that can be applied to the current situation?

OK, philosophical considerations aside, you're here for flowers, right?!

Beeswax pumpkin candles and dried flowers for sustainable fall decorating
Beeswax pumpkin candles and dried botanicals for natural seasonal beauty.

In addition to American-grown flowers through the winter, I'll be offering additional gift sets. This will allow me to supplement my offerings as fresh flower availability becomes more limited, and support other local makers. The goal is to provide you with thoughtful, seasonal, and sustainable options for gift-giving and pick-me-ups. Many folks have been treating themselves and others through the pandemic spring, summer, and fall, and I want to keep it going!

Thanksgiving centerpieces are now "live" in the online shop for pre-ordering. If the water is maintained, these arrangements can often transition nicely into December by removing the blooms and keeping the evergreen and everlasting ingredients. But you are not limited to centerpieces for your celebrations and gifting. Here are some other ideas:

We also have a limited inventory of natural table runner fabric and candle holders for filling out your tablescape -- please reach out if you are interested in putting together a custom package.

If you're ready for some evergreens, those will be made to order at this time, so get your request in today.

Life may be different these days, but it can still be beautiful! Celebrate safely and invest in our shared future.


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