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Community Events for Flower Lovers

Creating opportunities for the community to get up close and personal with locally-grown flowers was one of my goals for 2020. As our understanding of COVID-19 has increased and being outdoors has been shown to be low-risk, we have been able to proceed with some small events that allow for physical distance between participants.

On this front, I am pleased to be partnering with Orange Circle Farm, just down the road, where Erin and Jeff have a lovely and spacious Certified Organic “Forever Farm“ growing vegetables and cut flowers for their CSA customers in Berwick and throughout the Seacoast area. A wide array of interesting flower varieties, earth-friendly growing practices, and of course their proximity, makes them one of my favorite cut flower suppliers when I need to supplement my garden.

Last month, Erin and I teamed up for an event on the farm that included a tour and discussion in the flower field, a demonstration of how to arrange flowers at home, and buckets of fresh cuts for attendees to select their own stems to take home and play with.

Flower arranging demo

For our second event, we’re bringing back the stem bar to make your own bouquet, and adding a hands-on option to get creative and make a flower crown. You can do one or both. Tickets are available now in the online shop for Flower Friday, this coming Friday, August 28th; click here for more details and to purchase.

As we approach the end of the outdoor growing season and comfortable outdoor gatherings, we hope to have at least one more event celebrating the fall harvest. Follow on social media or the email newsletter for updates.


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