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Spring Flowers for you and your Mama

Flowers express the essence of each season. In spring, this is delicate, diminutive, fragrant, bright, light, airy, fresh.

Spring Bud Vase

Do you have a garden? Many common New England garden flowers will be happy in a bud vase to help you bring a little spring inside. From the earliest pansies (Johnny-jump-ups), grape hyacinth/muscari, and daffodils, to the later tulips and lilacs. If you plan to mix daffodils with other flowers, first let them sit in their own water overnight, letting their sap drain out so it doesn’t clog the stems of the others.

I love walking the gardens this time of year to watch the daily changes, as everything bursts up and open. Things will creep along, and then a single day of warmth and sunshine accomplishes what seems like a week's worth of growth. These eager perennials and bulbs provide motivation for all of the prep work to be done before summer planting can begin.

Coming along quickly now are the tulips planted in the fall. This year's crop includes a number of specialty double varieties, full, frilly and reminiscent of a peony. If all goes well with the weather and the deer, these will be featured in our Mother's Day bouquets in a couple weeks. Reserve yours now - limited supply!

Specialty Double Tulips

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