Counting down to the Solstice

December days are a stark contrast to the abundant sunshine and explosive growth of summer. But after the leaves have fallen and the days have shortened, there is still natural beauty to be found. 

What's in season? Texture and color from summer's dried flowers, lush evergreens, shiny bright winter berry, and a few special treats from the local greenhouses. I love making wreaths that are a little bit wild but also arranged just so.

In some ways, it feels even more necessary to bring a bit of nature indoors. I'll be at the Berwick Winter Farmers' Market on Sunday, December 9 with some goodies to help you do just that. Having a party? Need a gift? I am also taking custom pre-orders through December 17th (for delivery by the 20th), before a break to stop and enjoy the season and celebrate the return to light. 



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